TEDxShelburneFallsLive Simulcasts the TEDGlobal Conference Wed. June 12 at GCC

Theme: Think Again.

Each year, the world’s leading thinkers and doers gather in Edinburgh, Scotland for an event many describe as the highlight of their year. As with the flagship TED conference that happens on the West Coast of North America in late winter, TEDGlobal is a 4-day journey into the past, present and future.

Can’t manage to get tickets to the $6,000/seat soiree in Scotland? Heard about how innovative thinkers from Western Mass. had a blast networking and listening to each other speak on a variety of interesting and controversial topics at the premier TEDxShelburneFalls event on Nov. 3, 2012? Would you enjoy learning and talking with local thinkers and doers about how the ideas presented at TED2013 can be used to change our community?  Come join like-minded individuals at the free TEDxShelburneFallsLive simulcast of Day 2 of the TEDGlobal conference: Think Again on Wednesday June 12th to be inspired, share ideas and make a difference. Register now.

This simulcast event, which is not a regular program of TEDxShelburneFalls, is offered this year because the main TED conference simulcast scheduled for February 27, 2013 was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute due to snow as GCC was closed for the day.

The free “TEDxLive” event will take place at Greenfield Community College, just 15 short minutes from Shelburne Falls and will feature an incredible line-up of 30 international speakers from various industries presenting in four 105-minute sessions throughout the day. Sessions will feature 7-8 live talks apiece between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. No local live speakers will talk, but members of the TEDxShelburneFalls community will be on hand to host.

Buckland-based Stacy Kontrabecki is the Curator and Organizer of TEDxShelburneFalls; “I wanted to give local Tedsters a peek at a live TED conference and experience the speakers months, even years before the videos of their talks hit the TED.com digital archive. By doing so, we can begin discussing and testing/practicing their ideas immediately in order to hasten the change we want to see in our world. I was heartbroken when we had to cancel the February TED simulcast due to snow. However difficult it is to come in out of the beautiful summer weather, I hope folks will join us at GCC to experience a bit of TEDGlobal.”

Leo Hwang, Dean of Humanities at the college, as well as educators across the faculty and staff, are excited to participate in this partnership. “TED talks have become an inspiring resource for educators, academics, intellectuals, artists, and people curious about their world. Hosting the simulcast at a community college is a wonderful opportunity to expose students to a diverse range of contemporary artists, musicians, scientists, and creative professionals. Giving students access to new ways of thinking, new ways of creating, new ways of being, empower them to imagine different possibilities, different professions, and inspire them to move through their own worlds differently, and that, is central to the mission of Greenfield Community College,” notes Hwang.

The schedule of sessions for Day 2 of TEDGlobal2013: Think Again. follows. Read speaker details at TED.

9:00 am – 9:15 am, Welcome

9:15 am – 11:00 am, World on Its Head
Nassim Assefi, doctor/novelist/guest host
Gabriella Gomez-Mont, creativity officer/guest host
Juan Pardinas, economic policy innovator
Tria Parsi, political scientist
Tania Bruguera, performance artist
Dina El Wedidi, singer
Lesley Hazleton, accidental theologist
May El-Khalil, founder of the Beirut Marathon
Teddy Cruz, architect/urbanist

12:00 pm – 1:45 pm, Regeneration
Molly Stevens, biomaterial researcher
Siddharthan Chandran, regenerative neurologist
Gregoire Courtine, spinal cord researcher
Mark Kendall, biomedical engineer
Naomi Wolf, author/social critic
Le Trio Joubran, oud trio

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Money Talks
George Papandreou, former prime minister of Greece
Annete Heuser, rating agency reformer
Toby Eccles, social investment visionary
Didier Sornette, risk economist
Apollo Robbins, gentleman thief
Mariana Mazzucato, innovation economist

5:30 pm – 7:15 pm, Listening to Nature
Bernie Kraus, natural sounds legend
Marla Spivak, bees scholar
Sonia Shah, science writer
Greg Gage, neuroscientist
Yaron Herman, jazz pianist
Holly Morris, explorer/filmmaker
Carin Bondar, wild sex biologist

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, After-party/conversation period
99 Restaurant, 17 Colrain Rd., Greenfield MA
Cash bar; kitchen closes at 10:30 pm

Additional Information
Wednesday June 12, 2013  9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Greenfield Community College, Sloan Theater, Ground Floor – Main Bldg., College Drive, Greenfield, MA

Tickets are FREE but registration is required to ensure your seat for each session. Walk-ins welcome. 90 seats are available. Register online at Come to one – or all four sessions!