Executive/Artistic Director Southern VT Dance Festival, Choreographer/Director IBIT Dance Company

Brenda Lynn Siegel, Executive/Artistic Director Southern VT Dance Festival, Choreographer/Director IBIT Dance Company

Brenda Lynn Siegel

(Southern VT) Brenda received her bachelor’s degree in science for dance and composition from Hampshire College. She has taught residencies, classes and workshops throughout the country at High Schools and colleges in addition to heading a program at Austine School for the deaf.  She also runs a pre professional training program for modern dancers. Brenda’s choreography has been shown at multiple festivals and venues throughout the country. These include Massachusetts Dance Festival, Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Rhythm Festival, The Oberon, The Dance Complex and many others. She has commissioned work to the Baltimore Children’s Theater as well as Kids on Camera. Additionally, Brenda has written articles for multiple publications. She was published in “Celebrating the lives of Jewish Women” at the age of 19 and continues to be published on both dance and non-dance related subjects. Brenda interned in Bernie Sanders office in Washington DC as well as worked on his campaign as a volunteer in 2016. Her career weaves through social, political and artistic projects and she often brings them together with work on “Creative Economy”. Her interest is in bringing art, government and business together to create a thriving infrastructure for economic and artistic growth.

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