2012 Partners


TEDxShelburneFalls is produced entirely by volunteers and in-kind partners as follows.:

Executive Producers

Stacy Kontrabecki – Yankee Doodle Tours & Events / Swampdancer Resources

Scott MacPherson – Greenfield Television


Rona Leventhal Storytelling

Miguel Harvey IT Consulting

John Snyder – Advance the Story

Otie Wheeler – Falls Cable

Tom Adams – Realife Productions

Annmarie Clattenburg – That Tech Girl

Maya Apfelbaum – Living Art Earth Productions

James Neeley

Susan Laing

Ian Bauer

Earl Uprichard

John Maushammer

Speaker Coaching

John Snyder – Mohawk Trail Toastmasters

Carlyn Saltman – Video Mirror Feedback Coaching

Donna Brooks – Original Body Wisdom

Val Nelson – Professional Coach


What Took You So Long Studio – “What is TEDx?” film

Deseniamar Creative Universe – poster & logo

Magpie Farm & Art – program

TEDxUCDavis – program template

Lisa Joy Merrill Photography

Big Bang Mosaics – Shelburne mosaic image usage


Karen Gallick – CDK Creative Play

John Bos

Valerie Spain

Positronic Design

93.9 The River

The Valley Advocate


Andrew Baker

Memorial Hall Association

Mohawk Trail High School

Shelburne Masons


Livestream – Simulcast hosting

AppBaker – iPhone App hosting

WeLink – iPhone App social networking

Mailchimp – email list hosting

Domainflow – nametag design


Town of Shelburne Massachusetts Cultural Council

Uptight Insulators – logistics

Howland Tools – stage props

Franklin Community Coop/McCusker’s Market– lunch service

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