TEDxShelburneFalls Looking for Guest Curators, Speakers for TEDxShelburneFallsSalon

Maybe you’ve heard about or attended the fun, day-long TEDx conferences that have been talking place in Shelburne Falls the past couple of years. Maybe you’re an armchair TEDster, watching the informative videos of talks that individuals from around the world have been presenting in the TED-classic 18-minutes-or-less fashion for the past 30 years. Maybe you have no idea what this TED brand of information sharing is all about.

Any way, you may be interested to learn more about a new TEDx format on the horizon. A TEDx Salon is a  short-format, small, recurring event where attendees can watch TED Talks, host a few speakers and have informal discussions about a specific and focused topic, somewhat different than the larger multidisciplinary approach that is presented at a longer/larger TEDx conference. Similarly, both types of events focus on the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.

TEDxShelburneFalls’ Curator and Organizer, Stacy Kontrabecki, has been a FCC member since 2000 and has offered to oversee the organization of a few TEDxShelburneFallsSalon events to be presented at the McCusker’s Market. With her oversight, community members are invited to present proposals to be considered as guest Curators and Speakers for the first TEDxShelburneFallsSalon scheduled for the evening of Thursday May 8.

The general format of the night would be designed by the guest Curator(s) to include a presentation by one featured live Speaker, viewing of 2-3 TED talk videos supporting the theme, and facilitated discussion. The Curator(s) shall select the speaker and videos and attend at least one rehearsal where the speaker practices their talk. Curator(s) cannot also be the Speaker but may work with the Speaker to design the program/videos, discussions, etc. The live speaker will be videotaped and their talk posted to the international TEDxTalks YouTube channel. Kontrabecki will be available for general counsel, ensuring the TED practices and editorial guidelines are followed. No Speakers may be paid, but Curator and supporting staff during the event may receive Super-worker credit hours towards a discount when shopping at the Franklin Community Cooperative stores. Other TED guidelines may be found at http://www.ted.com/tedx.

To submit you proposal for the Thurs. May 8 evening salon, apply here by April 1.

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