Nurse, Amateur Historian/Genealogist, Entrepreneur

Kathy Lytle, Nurse, Amateur Historian/Genealogist, Entrepreneur

Kathy Lytle

(Buckland) Kathy lives in a big old farmhouse in the beautiful village of Upper Buckland. She has raised three daughters and started a coffee roasting business with her husband Curtis Rich. Her first career was as a Registered Nurse, with a strong focus in psychiatric and elder care. Kathy’s research on the history of Buckland uncovers and unravels the fantastic story of one of its most interesting residents, Josiah Spaulding Jr., a young man confined to live for 56 years in a cage in his family’s home. The tale begins in Buckland, but has sweeping impacts on the industry of mental health across many states and several centuries. A book is in progress.

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