Pet Mobility Expert at Eddies Wheels

Leslie Grinnell, Pet Mobility Expert at Eddies Wheels

Leslie Grinnell

(Shelburne Falls, MA) For 20+ years Leslie has personally cared for a succession of disabled dogs including Buddha, Hardy – a Doberman with Wobblers, Autumn – a Dobe with spondylosis, Toby – a Rotti mix with torn ACLs, Nick – a boxer with spinal fracture, Daisy – a dachshund with IVDD, Sweet Pea – a paralyzed pitbull, and Nelix – a 3 legged cat. Currently Leslie cares for Webster – a chi-weiner born with no front legs, and Beau – a 3 year old pitbull with three crushed vertebrae. Leslie works with canine rehab practitioners and holistic vets to help pets of all species survive & thrive.

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